F1™ Game Racing Simulator
Game Racing Simulator

Playing your best-loved driving games like Formula 1, Gran Turismo, Ferrari Challenge, Colin McRae Dirt, TOCA Racing, Need for Speed and a few others, can be such an entertainment that you have never imagined. Utilizing a home racing simulator like OpenWheeler will lead you to the next level of unique driving realism and you will experience the enjoyment of turning into the World's greatest chauffeur - at least according to your own personal chart...

F1 Racing Simulator

Get the most out of driving with the OpenWheeler game seat simulator. £270 GBP or $400 (four hundred dollars) is the estimated price of the video game driving chair.

F1™ Racing Simulator
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Open Wheeler Game Racing Seat Simulator
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Is OpenWheeler compatible with a PC or does it only operate with console platforms?

We're happy to say that OpenWheeler is a universal gaming setup, provided that the wheel you are utilizing proves conformable to it.

A video game chair for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and PC

Racing Game Simulator Review Driving game cockpits have changed the way they adjust to the hyper-realistic virtual home video car driving games, because of the fact that playing with a customary gaming equipment does not...